Nature. Different. Effective.

100% certified premium natural skin care products from Dr. Hauschka make an impact. On your skin, on our planet – and has been for more than 50 years: #flowerpowersince1967

“We are experiencing a culture in which exponential growth, profit maximization and profit increase are quite normal. It is well known that the fixation on profit is responsible for the damage to the environment as well as the exploitation of millions of people worldwide. In everything we do, nature is our vision. As a foundation company, we are committed to a new way of doing business that combines sustainability, social justice, health and diversity. We are all part of a movement that reimagines the future and can change the world for good.”

Nicoline Wöhrle, Head of Communication at the foundation company WALA

The new Dr. Hauschka Day Fluids
In delicately flowing textures, the facial fluids unfold their balancing, soothing and activating effects. All three facial fluids provide long-lasting moisture and protect the skin throughout the day.