For Spring-Summer 2022, Ecoalf is bringing back Lost Colors as a sign of hope, embracing the new season with eagerness and optimism through vibrant colors that highlight the opportunity to save our oceans. Due to rising temperatures and pollution, corals are losing their colors and transitioning to white. 

The array of colors in this collection features bold oranges, bright greens and dusty pinks, mimicking their fading colors with soft pastels and finally a stark white. The selection of materials and processes of Lost Colors is at the forefront of sustainability and design, using low-impact materials such as linen, hemp, and recycled cotton to promote a relaxed and conscious way of living while reducing water consumption and CO2 emissions. As part of our B Corp commitment, we are working towards becoming a Net Zero brand by 2030. 

In Lost Colors, both the materials and colors draw attention to the colors we are losing and the moment we have to choose to be part of the solution. 

“We believe that when we come together, we can generate a deeper change, inspiring each other with new ideas, new perspectives and a new sense of hope. It is trade shows like PREMIUM that allow us to create the future that we want and the future that the planet needs.” 

Javier Goyeneche