A family-run shoe business spanning nine generations and more than 280 years... 

On-trend footwear styles for men and women that are part of Europe’s cultural heritage: the shoes by Floris van Bommel are in a class of their own and expertly merge the present and the past, reflecting the values of a family-run business that is meanwhile in its ninth generation. 

Back in 1734, a member of the van Bommel family started making shoes, never dreaming that around 290 years later his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson would be successfully navigating the company into the 21st century. The brand from the Netherlands is part of European cultural history. With Floris van Bommel and his two brothers Reynier and Pepijn at the helm, these days the brand is the perfect blend of a traditional company at the top of its game in the international shoe sector and a trend factory that embraces the fresh, unconventional zeitgeist of the younger generation. 

“PREMIUM for me personally is a place where we meet our most serious and motivated (potential) customers. Different fairs attract different selections of buyers, PREMIUM really attracts the ‘premium buyers’. Therefore the value of PREMIUM goes much further than direct sales. The information, feedback and contacts early in the season really are an added value for our business.” 

Pepijn van Bommel