The World’s Smiling Again! 

Enjoy the freedom, happiness, and a laid-back and easy-going atmosphere. There’s a feeling of being free and independent again!
Have a smile on your face, meet your friends and families, take pleasure in all the good life has to offer, and simply be happy. 

The sun is shining, the warm wind tickles your skin, you feel connected, and enjoy the serenity of the beauty of just being.
The world is smiling again...;) 

The complementary features of the SS2022 mood are captured in the new colors as well as in our new materials: lightweight and soft, structured, sturdy, easy-going to rugged, new stripes, from heavy slub to the unique loopwheeled pikee...
Just enjoy them all! 

Muted, natural, subtle, and faded colors such as the new
washed-out light lilac and ginger tone, the subtle dusted pink, the cool fresh ice, the natural greige, and a relaxing sunset tone guarantee an easy-going and relaxed summer mood.
All this is accompanied by our basic colors as the fundamental base for the all-time enjoyable color palette. 

“It's the mood at SEEK: the energy literally carries us, inspires us and provides creative energy. We are already looking forward to ‘coming together’”

 Gitta & Peter Plotnicki