Frankfurt Fashion Week will be taking place digitally from 5-9 July 2021. For this purpose, initiators Messe Frankfurt and the Premium Group have developed the FFW STUDIO. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, tradeshows Premium, Seek, Neonyt and The Ground, as well as the catwalk shows, are being postponed to 19-21 January 2022.

Frankfurt am Main, 5 May 2021. Digital only – the ongoing uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 situation in Germany and the nationwide decision-making by the federal government are forcing the initiators of Frankfurt Fashion Week to concentrate on largely digital formats for the first Frankfurt Fashion Week from 5-9 July 2021. And FFW STUDIO has been launched as a central digital space for this. Along with the catwalk shows, tradeshows Premium, Seek, Neonyt and The Ground are also being cancelled in the Main metropolis for summer 2021 and postponed until January 2022. In addition to the pandemic regulations, the sense of responsibility towards all stakeholders was the crucial factor in this decision – after all, continuing to press ahead with the previous plans would shift the financial risk of organising a physical edition of Frankfurt Fashion Week onto the shoulders of the exhibitors, visitors and partners. Predictions regarding the progress of the vaccination rollout are currently looking very positive. Nevertheless, tradeshows and presentations that thrive on the physical presence of an international portfolio of visitors and exhibitors, need to take into account the relevant decision-making factors at the present time. These include both external criteria, such as ongoing restrictions on travel and complex quarantine regulations, as well as company-internal aspects such as travel restrictions or furlough provisions, which are currently making it impossible for stakeholders to confirm their attendance in person at Frankfurt Fashion Week at the start of July 2021.

Digital inspiration for the transformation of the fashion industry

“Now it’s time to look ahead. We set out to make Frankfurt Fashion Week and its ecosystem the driving force of the fashion and textile industry and to add relevant future issues to the industry’s agenda. And we still have our sights set on achieving this. For example, the new Frankfurt Fashion SDG Summit presented by Conscious Fashion Campaign in cooperation with the United Nations Office for Partnerships and “The New European Bauhaus – Workshop of the Future” conference inspired by the European Union’s “New European Bauhaus” initiative, organised by the Fashion Council Germany in cooperation with Frankfurt Fashion Week, promise a high-profile digital offer. This means that, even under these challenging circumstances, we will live up to our intention of completely reinterpreting a Fashion Week in Frankfurt and providing new momentum for transforming the future of the fashion industry,” says Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt. “It breaks my heart to have to cancel our tradeshows, conferences and events, as well as the planned collection presentations and shows, for the third time in a row. Let’s make no mistake here: the repercussions for the fashion industry are dramatic. But we are left with no other choice but to face up to the facts, take the necessary actions and plan the physical elements of a Frankfurt Fashion Week – which we are all looking forward to so much – for January 2022. For July we will now pool all our strengths to fulfil our responsibility to the sector digitally and without a get-together in person: in the FFW STUDIO, we will offer inspiration, while highlighting and discussing the topics of sustainability and digitisation at the highest level in corresponding formats. It’s about creating a kind of pre-season taster of our vision of a new Frankfurt Fashion Week, despite COVID,” says Anita Tillmann, Managing Director of the Premium Group. “Now more than ever!”

www.frankfurt.fashion becomes FFW STUDIO

As part of the www.frankfurt.fashion website, the FFW STUDIO will be the central port of call for all profashionals, fashion enthusiasts and anyone interested in the industry. In a professionally curated livestream, participants can look forward to a comprehensive user experience during Frankfurt Fashion Week – with the four channels Trade Show, Conference, Experience and Arts & Entertainment to represent the four pillars of the Frankfurt Fashion Week ecosystem, always with a focus on the overarching themes of sustainability and digitisation. Following the livestream, the contents will be made available to all stakeholders for the interim season in the form of a series of on-demand videos. The result is a concentrated and high-quality summary of the forward-looking topics of Frankfurt Fashion Week. The cutting-edge line-up is being developed with partners from the politics, retail, industry and media sectors: in exclusive Future Talks by leading international media, future-relevant matters will be discussed with the industry’s leading decision-makers. Additional highlights include Deep Dives and insights into the two leading conferences of the new Frankfurt Fashion Week, the Frankfurt Fashion SDG Summit and “The New European Bauhaus – Workshop of the Future” conference, which are both taking place during Frankfurt Fashion Week for the first time. Further details will be announced soon. 

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